Title explanation.

Hi. I am an eighteen year old boy from Hyderabad, India.
In the eighteen years that I have lived, I have come across a ginormous number of things. Travels, books, movies, TV shows, magazines, songs, public transport, schools, college, apartment, neighbourhood, family, friends and so on, have helped me assimilate myriad experiences and glean whatever bits of information I can from them.
Now, all of these assimilated thoughts have been compelling me to write about them and share their existence with the world. At first, I thought it was too much work. Then, it seemed like it wasn’t anything worthwhile- after all thoughts fade away, right? They don’t hang on to your head like a highly annoying (and fictitious)bunch of leeches which sucks away to glory at your energy until all you can do is yield to their demands, right? Right? Wrong! In fact, you can’t get wronger!
Right from the escapades of Walter White (Breaking Bad, anyone?) to Cumberbatch’s curls to Tesla’s awesomeness to Manga to the horrendous and dreadful situation at Gaza to political events and incidents to movies to anecdotes and to a million more things- my train of thoughts has got ’em all covered.
Unable to put up with this train’s daily clamouring for the voices of its passengers (the thoughts, in case you haven’t been following the metaphor) to be shared and hopefully heard, I have decided to blog. To blog and out the suffocated thoughts within. Also, its morally fulfilling because I consider it akin to releasing caged birds.
So this is why I am under the gun and will be, as long as the thoughts don’t cease, because I am under pressure from within to let all of them (well, not all of them)be heard and shared with this world.

There ends this post.
To many more posts and a lot more of blogging!
PS: I am not schizophrenic so don’t even.


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